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Company's Coming Catering

Fresh, Local, Handcrafted

Hors d'oeuvres


Sesame chicken with an apricot dipping sauce

Miniature Maryland-style crab cakes with chilli cocktail sauce

Three-cheese quesadillas with olives and peppers

Red potato skins with your choice of filling:

* Blue cheese and walnuts
* Bacon and cheddar
* Roasted red pepper and parmesan
* Broccoli and cheddar

Shrimp & bacon with barbecue sauce

Skewered miniature meatballs in a light tomato sauce

Prosciutto, rolled and stuffed with provolone and roasted red peppers

Grilled bruschetta with roasted red peppers and goat cheese or tomato and basil

Chicken Satay with a peanut sauce

Scallops or shrimp wrapped in bacon with a Dijon mustard dip

Mushroom caps filled with your choice of filling:

* Crab and borsin cheese
* Blue cheese and walnuts
* Sausage and romano cheese

Oriental dumplings with a sesame soy dressing

Asparagus or melon wrapped in prosciutto

Fruit kebobs with a honey/apple poppyseed dressing

Filo Triangles

Miniature quiche (unlimited selection)

Pita pizza wedges - Choose from:

* Pesto with tomato and mozzarella
* Jalapeno, tomato, and cheddar cheese

Tortilla roll-ups with your choice of filling:

* Crab and shrimp with salsa
* Turkey, pesto mayonnaise, and roasted red peppers
* Roast beef, horseradish mayonnaise, and red onion
* Herbed cream cheese and peppers

Shrimp cocktail

Fresh sushi with Wasabi and soy sauce

Belgian endive with a shrimp and crab salad

Cajun chicken fingers with a blue cheese dressing

Hummus cups with fresh seasonal vegetables

Mini crepes with asparagus and herbed cream cheese

Smoked salmon with caviar and cream cheese

Fresh mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto and basil

Chicken and Monterey Jack empanadas

Caprizi on a skewer (mozzarella, basil and tomato) drizzled with a balsamic reduction

Smoked Chicken Mousse Canapé With Lingon Berries

Smoked Salmon on Rye Toast With Chives and Boursin

Miniature Beef Wellington

Brown Sugar And Poblano Smoked Pork Purses

Miniature Phylo Beggars Bags Filled with Tomato, Portobello, Asiago,

Basil Shrimp Shooters with Gazpacho

Pate de campagne served on melba toast with cornichon and whole grain mustard

Whipped Brie served with fig conserve en croute

Smoked Pheasant mousse in barquettes with lingonberries

Cheese Steak Eggrolls

Asian Spoons with Watermellon and Balsamic Reduction

Asian Spoons with Ahi Tuna Tartare Diakon Slaw and Wasabi

Brie and Raspberry Phylos

Stationary Appetizer Table

 Our Stationary Appetizer Table is beautifully displayed with fresh seasonal fruits

And vegetables, accompanied by an assortment of dips and vegetable chips. Also

Included are imported and domestic cheeses, crackers, hot artichoke dip with fresh

bread, baked brie and hot artichoke dip, nuts and salsas.