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Fish and Seafood

Fish and Seafood

Seafood has recently emerged as the entrée of choice. It is both elegant and practical. Generally lower in fat, it now appeals to a wide audience and should be considered as a choice for any formal sit-down dinner. Please note seafood is priced based upon seasonal availability and market price.


* Peking with an orange-flavored oriental sauce

* Spice-rubbed with corn salsa

* Balsamic-glazed with a spinach & citrus vinaigrette

* Potato-wrapped with a mustard sauce

* Baked with pears & apples

* Cranberry-glazed with wild rice, herbs, & pecans

* Baked with the following sauces:

* Lemon-Thyme

* Cucumber-Yogurt

* Tarragon-Cream

* Summer Vegetable & Dill

* Served Cold with the following sauces:

* Cucumber-Dill

* Red Pepper-Mayonnaise


* Baked red snapper with a sesame shrimp topping & Beurre Blanc

* Caribbean spiced snapper with a mango salsa

* Baked with shrimp & served with a spicy tomato-wine-pepper sauce

* Baked red snapper with a black bean salsa


* Grilled Cajun with a tomato salsa

* Almandine with an orange & almond sauce

* Sautéed in garlic butter, white wine, capers, & pine nuts


* Sautéed with a mustard sauce


* lemon dill beurre blanc


* Honey-glazed


* Served in a pesto sauce with pine nuts

* Served with a roasted red pepper coulis

* Served with linguini in a white wine rosemary sauce

* Served with red pepper and an onion Oriental Hoisin barbecue glaze

Crab Cakes:

* Chesapeake Style

* Thai Style

* Soft Shell Crabs


* Stuffed with spinach and crab meat

* Stuffed with a scallop mousse and served with a ginger cream

* Served with a mashed potato-onion crust

* Served with a fresh ginger sauce

* Served with a parmesan-artichoke topping


* Grilled and served with a tomato caper butter

* Marinated in Teriyaki sauce & grilled